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“Business Unusual” – Firm Leadership and Revenue Growth

Firm leadership and revenue growth is the second of 12 essential practices to make your business unusual.  Ask your colleagues the following: Describe the “client experience”; Describe your current efforts

Business Unusual — Do You Really Have a Brand?

To determine if your firm will have “business unusual”, ask your colleagues if you really have a “brand.”  There are 12 components to accelerating revenue growth and the first is

Prevent Laterals – A Major 2018 Business Goal

Preventing laterals should be a major business goal for all law firms in 2018.  The survey we conducted did not receive enough responses to be publishable.  BUT, other than retaining

Why Clients Fire You

“Why clients fire you” is the title of an article written by our own Valerie Goodman back in May, 2016.  At a recent conference I was asked if I could

Survey: What Is Your Firm’s #1 Business Goal in 2018?

If You Chase 2 Rabbits, You Will Not Catch Either One !

In our business development advisories and workshops, we provide an alternative to this Russian Proverb, “If you chase 2 rabbits, you will not catch either one.”‘ You must know: Six

“Chase Relationships, Not Work!”

“Chase relationships, not work” is a direct quote from a Lendingham Chalmers LLP. attorney. She recognizes that a large percent of new work comes from clients and referrals, some say

Eat Lunch With the New Kids – New Business Development

More new business development clues from 55Words, “eat lunch with the new kids.”  Begin building relationships with the newer members of your firm, making them feel welcome and comfortable asking

“Don’t Linger in the Doorway!” New Business Development II.

The next series of “dos” from the 55 Words for new business development include: Don’t linger in the doorway.  In or out. A handshake beats an autograph. Take a vacation

Never Park In Front of a Bar

“Never park in front of a bar” is one of the “55 Wise Words” for successful marketing.  You are urged to go deep to understand the message.  This is the

Have You Read the Millennial Dictionary?

Have you read the Millennial Dictionary?  Did you even know one existed?  In order to help you understand and work with them,  here are a few new additions to our

The Most Overlooked Client Development Resource

The most overlooked client development resource is YOUR CLIENTS. Wish them a happy holiday!

Turn Clients Into Advocates for Your Firm

Continue building relationships and turn your clients into advocates for your firm.  There are multiple tactics to use including:  Find out by conducting regular client satisfaction visits or discussions to

What % of New Business Should Come From Clients and Referrals?

According to a Harvard Business Review blog, 50 % of your new business, EVERY YEAR, should come from clients and referrals.  We approach client retention by turning them into important

And the Number 1 Reason Attorneys Won’t Market

Read on to see the number 1 reason attorneys won’t market — 5. I don’t know anyone who knows anyone! 4.  I’m not compensated for marketing! 3.  I won’t cross-

How You Can Break through the Noise of Social Media

Break through the noise of social media. Make your marketing visible. Tell your authentic story. Yes, sounds great, but how? In a cluttered market, where newsletters are served by the

More Reasons Attorneys Don’t Market

Continuing with the reasons attorneys don’t market, let’s review numbers 7,6, and 5. 7.  I need to focus on billable hours- 6.  I am too smart for this !!!!! 5. 

Top 10 Reasons for NOT Developing New Business

10.  I don’t want to pester people 9.  I’m very busy 8.  I need to complete my time sheets Stay tuned for more ————–

There’s No Such Thing as a Cold Call

There’s no such thing as a cold call in law firm marketing.  In fact, you never have to make a so-called cold call.  The resistance some professionals have to business

Law Firm Marketing – Increase New Business Now

Law Firm Marketing – It Is Not Enough to Win

What is Missing in Generating Law Firm Revenue Growth?

What is missing in generating law firm revenue growth is accelerating leadership.  It is one of 12 exceptional leadership practices that firms should focus on, including branding, building client value,

What is the Most Underutilized Social Media?

Paper, yes paper is the most underutilized social media.  Text, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, emails, electronic filings are now consuming 85-90% of communications received by corporate and agency attorneys and executives.

Law Firm Marketing – 27% Have Been Terminated by In House Counsel

Law Firm Marketing – Rainmaking Does Not Start Outside